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Deep Sea Anchors AS is a provider of innovative anchor solutions for offshore floating structures especially in soft seabed sediments.

We have expertise in marine soil mechanics to provide engineering design and geotechnical consultancy for anchoring larger floating structures, to the offshore energy industries as well as for offshore civil applications.

What is the DPA concept?

The Deep Penetrating Anchor (DPA) concept is a solution based on the need from the offshore industry to find a more cost-effective technology as oil and gas exploration moved into deeper waters.

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Case-studies and testing

Some case-study-projects have been performed in Trondheimsgfjord, Troll and Gjøa, and the references these projects have given prove the effect and stability our technology can offer.

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Statoil invests in Deep Sea Anchors

Statoil has invested in Deep Sea Anchors (DSA). Statoil’s entry on the owner side will boost the development and further strengthen DSA’s position in the market.

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