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The Deep Penetrating Anchor (DPA™) is a dynamically installed anchor, released freely from a predetermined height over the seabed that uses gravity as the installation force. The DPA™ has several advantages over conventional solutions e.g. quick installation, low prodution costs per weight and do not require proof loading. The anchors penetrate well below mudline into stiffer clay sediments thus allowing for taut leg mooring. These factors translate into a cost effective alternative insensitive to water depth.


We provide a comprehensive range of anchoring solutions and services for offshore floating structures especially for mooring in soft seabed sediments.
Services offered range from various subjects such as, but not limited to:

  • Geotechnical consultancy i.e. design, and engineering
  • Anchor sizing
  • Fabrication and transportation of the Deep Penetrating Anchors (DPA)
  • Installation procedures and supports