Transportation, either by transport barge or the installation vessel itself, is foreseen with the anchors lying horizontally as opposed to the vertical configuration when lowering to seabed for installation.


Installation may be performed by anchor handling type vessels (AHT). The anchor may be transferred into the water by simple skidding with use of tugger winches or ARF (Anchor Recovery Frame). Any type of construction vessel can also perform installation with a suitable crane i.e. most diving support vessels and multipurpose vessels (DSV/ MSV), either monohulls or semis, in addition to specialized lifting vessels.

The following animation illustrates the installation process of a DPA.

Chain Behavior During Anchor Free-Fall

The video posted on Deep Sea Anchors\’ website shows a simulation of chain behavior during anchor descent towards the seabed from the moment of release down to where the anchor is near fully penetrated. The simulation comprises a drop configuration made up of the following components:

  • 599 84mm studded links each with mass of approximately 50kg,
  • Tri-plate with attached U-shackles (tri-plate is release point), and
  • Deep Penetrating Anchor (DPA) with mass 80tons and length 13m.