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Anchor Penetration Analysis

The theoretical approach for determining anchor penetration adopts the method formulated by True (1975). True analyzed soil failure around an advancing penetrometer to determine seabed undrained shear strength With depth. Penetrometers used for tests carried out by the British Research Establishment (BRE 1998), were essentially slender torpedo shaped vehicles weighing up to 3 200 kg and impacting the ocean floor at velocities over 65 m/sec. Penetration depths of over 60m were realized.

Calculation for DPA Penetration

Deep Sea Anchors utilizes in-house software to determine the penetration of the DPA for any given specific case. The model is built using the FORTRAN programming Language based on the theoretical approach mentioned above. The analysis considers the DPA physical geometry, mass and the seabed conditions (e.g. soil shear strength, effective unit weight and soil sensitivity).

The following is an illustration of DPA penetration analysis for Gjøa case: