Dynamically Installed Anchors for Floating Offshore Turbines


Foto, Ole Jørgen Bratland /Equinor Why Place Wind Turbines Offshore? The wind has been used as an energy source for hundreds of years, captured in sails to drive boats across oceans and caught in the blades of windmills, grinding grain for flour. In the current day, efforts worldwide are focused on the development of ‘offshore’ […]

Statoil invests in Deep Sea Anchors

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Statoil has invested in Deep Sea Anchors (DSA). Statoil’s entry on the owner side will boost the development and further strengthen DSA’s position in the market. “With NLI and now Equinor as part of the company, Deep Sea Anchors has the professional expertise and industrial weight in order to make a sufficient impact in the global […]

DPA Installation – Gjøa Field

Two fullsize 75ton Deep Penetrating Anchors™ were fabricated at the Western Shipyard in Klaipeda, Lithuania and delivered at the Central Coastal Base in Ågotnes near Bergen, Norway in late July 2009.  These anchors are  part of a qualification program for the DPA concept for installation at the Gjøa field in the North SeaWest of Bergen […]


1:3 Scale Prototype Testing at Troll East Area 2 The Troll field test, together with the test performed in Trondheimsfjord (2003), is a part of a Technology Qualification Plan (TQP) model testing (small prototype) scale 1:3. Two anchors of scale 1:3 were used in this testing program (12 in all). Both anchors have instrumentation: one has […]

Small Prototype Test

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Small prototype testing was performed in Trondheimsfjord in August 2003.  Two anchors of approximately 1/3 the expected average full size anchor i.e. 4.4m long and approximately 2.8 tons, were machined and fabricated at REINERTSEN Orkanger for testing and verification of the procedures involving prototype installation and anchor behavior during deployment and service. The test was […]