TECHNOLOGY QUALIFICATION PLAN (TQP) 1:3 Scale Prototype Testing at Troll East Area 2

TECHNOLOGY QUALIFICATION PLAN (TQP)1:3 Scale Prototype Testing at Troll East Area 2 The Troll field test, together with the test performed in Trondheimsfjord (2003), is a part of a Technology Qualification Plan (TQP) model testing (small prototype) scale 1:3. Two anchors of scale 1:3 were used in this testing program (12 in all). Both anchors have instrumentation: […]


Small prototype testing was performed in Trondheimsfjord in August 2003.  Two anchors of approximately 1/3 the expected average full size anchor i.e. 4.4m long and approximately 2.8 tons, were machined and fabricated at REINERTSEN Orkanger for testing and verification of the procedures involving prototype installation and anchor behavior during deployment and service. The test was […]